COMMPASS CONSULTING was founded in 2008 where we contracted with the likes of TroyTyla, Citi Bank, Tutuka and a host of other clients, while specializing in Project Management across multiple sectors such as banking, mobile network operators, mobile remittance agents, ATM, POS, Network Switches, Card Schemes, Associations and Certification houses and many more in the Card Payments Industry.  Our clients are located around the globe.


While the PMBOK Project Management Methodology is our primary project management tool to plan, evaluate, review and track clients’ projects, we are open to adapt to clients’ preferences such as Agile/Scrum Methods. As project management is just a tool to implement requirements our clients expect a wider range of skills and knowledge in the Commerce and Payments environment and therefore demand that a multitude of expertise be readily available to service their needs.

Commpass Consulting has a wide reach of contacts that span the globe, which allows them access to specialist skills and systems and allows them to contract or subcontract additional resources as and when required. Commpass Consulting will also consult on best practices, systems and association compliance requirements.

In more recent times, clients have indicated that their primary requirement is consulting, coaching and mentoring on the Card Industry, commerce and payments requirements more so than the project management skills. To accommodate our clients, we offer consulting services on their implementation requirements as well and virtual assistance services to aid and mentor their project managers, operations managers or implementers.


We have a wide range of  SERVICES on offer.