Senior Project Manager, Consultant, Virtual Assistant, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator

PMP Certified Project Manager (PMBOK)
In March 2008 Alana founded Commpass Consulting, Contracting and subcontracting company, where she has contracted into the likes of TroyTyla, founded by Gavin Krugel – Partner and Managing Director, to evaluate the key role players in the Mobile and Retail market offering Money Transfer solutions to the unbanked marked in Africa.

She also founded Smartmobi – SOS911, Automated Emergency Response

Alana has over 26 years experience in the payment solutions field, both issuing and acquiring.  She managed and help implemented many products for payment, ranging from card to mobile.

Her career started at Standard Bank Card division in 1989, where she learnt the payment card and acquiring business. In 1996 the group was part of an outsourcing deal to EDS, a multinational solutions company.  There she was part of the IT team as a Business analyst and Project Manager and implemented a range of projects on both card issuing and merchant acquiring.

She moved to ATM Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transaction Capital which offers a one-stop Turnkey Solution for Card (DrawCard), Point of Sale (EFTPOS), ATM (ATM Solutions), Cash Management (Cash Connect) and Commerce (Setcom).  There she utilise her Card, Payments, Switching and Commerce skills in various projects.

The most logical move in the payments field would be Mobile Payments. Alana took up the opportunity to join Cointel-SimPlus as a Project Manager, where she planned, controlled and executed the Mobile Commerce Platform, which went live in Namibia, South Africa and Kenya using channels such as USSD, IVR, SMS, WAP, JAVA and Web.  There were many mobile products including, mobile money, mobile banking to name a few.

Alana furthered her career in Mobile Money when she was employed by Visa in Cape Town to be part of the Fundamo team. Fundamo is one of the most successful platforms that processes and switched mobile money cross boarder remittance and cash in cash out services across the globe. The business model was that successful, that Visa bought Fundamo.