We have a passion for helping clients, Project Managers, Stakeholders and employers, and adding value by sharing our skills and knowledge with you to achieve all your project and company strategic goals.

A key service we pride ourselves on is COACHING/MENTORING. In today’s climate, companies not only want Project Managers to be 100% effective and efficient in delivering, they expect them to know the specific industry they are hired to implement projects for.

Project Management is a methodology used to implement projects with a clear beginning and definite end, the industry should not be the focus of any Project Management discipline. Of course employers, clients and companies alike prefer industry skilled Project Managers as they believe it helps when it comes to planning and implementing the solution. This could not be further from the truth. Although industry skilled Project Managers, can use their industry skills to guide them, they tend to get side tracked with the details of analysis of the solution, instead of managing the  plan and the resources with these industry skills. Business Analysts are there for the analysis of the requirements once the scope has been agreed by Project Sponsors.

  • Does all of this make your head as an employer, employee, stakeholder, Project Manager spin?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed at what the expectations of your Project Manager is and what they believe it to be?
  • Do you sometimes doubt your own abilities as a Project Manager?
  • Do you sometimes doubt the abilities of your Junior Project Managers?
  • Do you struggle to get bye-in from Sponsors and Stakeholders as a Project Manager?
  • Do you understand how to Scope the requirements?
  • Are you not sure how to setup your Project plan?
  • Do you struggle with identifying dependencies on your plan?
  • Do you know how to estimate each task?
  • Do you feel like you are not being heard as a Project Manager?
  • Do you need help in certain areas of Project Management?
    1. Integration Management
    2. Scope Management
    3. Cost Management
    4. Schedule Management
    5. Quality Management
    6. Risk Management
    7. Communication Management
    8. Procurement Management
    9. Human Resources Management
    10. Stakeholder Management

Commpass Consulting believes that it is our duty to add value to you as a client, employee, Project Manager or  Stakeholder by coaching your Project Managers and letting them become the best they can be, in delivering quality projects within the time frame promised.

We offer the following Coaching services:

  • 15 Minute telephonic or Skype consultation
  • 1 Hour once off paid consultation
  • Weekly Packages

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